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A nice tribute and a discreet way to express your pride, without ostentatiously showing it on the dial of your watch. These fluid lines are inspired by Laurent;s passion for cars (remember that he raced at the 24h of Le Mans), and the watch is like streamlined coachwork, fluid and without any affront to the eye. The idea behind the Duomètre concept is Breitling Copy simple. This subsequently meant a smaller frontal area and thus a lower drag coefficient. At the same time, some may feel that the Breitling Copy smoky tint it makes it a little more difficult to contemplate the movement. Two raised lines sandwich the barrel of the case and provide the perfect touch of personality. Silver brushed dial, black contrasting sub-dials, leather strap, € 40,000 euro (including VAT) it;s not cheap, but considering everything above -superlative finishing, the worldtimer complication, the triple-layer dial, Geneva Hallmark and the additional straps- it isn;t crazy. In chain based pattern you will also get the several interesting colors also. That;s the strength of this new edition: bringing an amazing visual experience, without losing the brand;s spirit and quality level with a more reasonable movement and thus a lower price. The bezel is now in a dark navy blue and the markers / minute track on the dial are in polished silver grey. It is perfectly executed, very pleasant to look and touch, the adjustments are precise. Even if some owners will be Breitling replica quite reluctant to bring such expensive pieces underwater, and to treat them as recreational watches, that;s what they are designed to do. The thing is you don;t mess with Breitling Replica icons. This didn't keep your watch from getting lots of attention from individuals who weren't professionals and shortly it grew to become among the models well-known from Rolex.